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Diana & Andrei – photo session at the National Theatre in Cluj

So, finally, I got to post the august wedding I photographed.

Diana, as you will see below, was a gorgeous bride, extremely beautiful and poised, but Andrei managed to keep up with her :)
Because there are so many beautiful pictures I want to post, I will do this in two parts – first one is the session with the two of them and their close friends, and the second is the ceremony and the party.

Enjoy the pictures! I know I did working on them!:)



adi 011 a3

ad 020a


ad 023 bw 1


ad 059a1


ad 052a1        ad 053a2


I couldn’t help it: being in the theatre with this beautiful couple made me think of old pictures. So I did some treatments on many of the pictures to get the “old picture” feeling.

ad 063sep1


ad 068 sep


ad 069a1


ad 070a1


ad 073sep2


ad 075bw


ad 077sep2


ad 078 a1         ad 098sep


ad 079sep1


ad 094a2



page 8



ad 101a1


ad 104 sep1


ad 105bw


ad 109 a


page a1a


adi 034 a4

adi 022 a1       adi 024 a3


adi 037 a3       adi 038 a 

adi 040 sep1

This is definitely my favorite picture of the bride!

adi 025a3


page 10

adi 168 a


adi 176 a3           adi 179 a3


adi 184 a1         adi 178 sep1

adi 192 a2 


… I have to admit, this is another favorite of mine:)

  adi 201 a4

adi 219 a1        adi 254 a2

adi 221bw

adi 224 a           adi 248 a3


adi 261 sep1


adi 266 bw


Leaving for the ceremony and the party!

adi 276 a3


adi 278 sep

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Monica spunea...

Beautiful pictures, Olga!!!
Like you said, the sepia style totally fits in.

Anonim spunea...

AWESOME Olga, awesome!