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Diana & Andrei_part two

So, this is part two of the august wedding, posted last week…

Before continuing with the religious ceremony and the party, I want to share some of the pictures taken of the bride and groom with their flower girls, two adorable sisters:)

adi 088 bw

page 2

She saw me aiming the camera at her … This is the result ;)

page 7a

page 9b

page a8

The flower girls and the entrance…

page 19a

page a6

the prayer…

page a5

The vows…

page 20a

the blessing…

page a4a1

The entrance and the exit, all in one picture

page 21a

at the end of the religious ceremony, the bridesmaids served chocolate… Here is the sister of the bride.

ad 394 a1

The restaurant (this picture belongs to Ruxy Pasztor, my friend, who helped me with the pictures).

ad 519a1

Details of the wedding…

page 34

adi 566a1

A fun game for the guests: to bring different objects found in the room. Meanwhile, the organizer of the game took out one chair at the time, so in the end was just one chair left. The “winner” had to compose a poem with a few random words, chosen by the organizer (like frog, rock, etc.:) )

page 29

Another game… who unfolds faster the roll of paper gets to be the master of the house. You can guess who was the first by the look on the bride’s sister’s face.

page 36

You guessed right: Andrei was the first to unfold the roll:))

Someone stole the bride (a Romanian custom, at least in Transylvania), but the groom and his friends got her back in two minutes. On the clock!

page 28

The boys showing off a little…

page 22a

The bridesmaids served ice cream later on that day.

page 31

page 15

“He’s mine now, ladies!;)”

page 13

The old friends “supporting” the groom in his decision to get married;)

adi 744 a

The gorgeous bridesmaids and the mother of the bride playing along with our ideas of “serious” pictures…

ad 508a1

page 14b

The cake reflected their playful personalities:)

page 16

page 17

adi 903a1

Thank you, Diana and Andrei, for this beautiful wedding and for letting me be a part of it! :)

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