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A real engagement story

This is my first blog in English… I wanted to do this for a long time now, but I just couldn’t decide if to do it or not.

My excuse is now that my cousins form Ireland (who grew up there), understand better English that Romanian, plus they have friends that know only English:)

I have a LOT of pictures form Ireland, and they will be posted as soon as I finish the weddings I am working on… But until then, I couldn’t help myself and I had to post here something very cute!

My visit in Ireland was full of surprises, one of which I planned with Liviu, Teddy’s boyfriend. He asked me if we could plan somehow the way he will propose to my cousin. It all started with our visit to the sea, where we took some “important” shots of the ring and his hands holding it.

The next day I took some shots of them in the backyard at Teddy’s request – she didn’t know what was going on ;))

A few days later, we printed the pictures, among which were images with the ring. That evening, we took Teddy for a walk at the sea, telling her we will have a photo session there, ‘cause she said she doesn’t have enough pictures taken;)


Below is the story in images:

These are the pictures printed for her – she didn’t know we printed them and I had them with me.


t&l 010-horz a


t&l 030-horz a


t&l 040-horz a


t&l 017-horz a


t&l 022-horz a2


t&l 061-horz a

One observation – the following pictures aren’t super sharp (as I like them) because I had to use high ISO (1600) – it was a cloudy evening, and the light was extremely poor, so the images were very noisy (meaning they had those annoying small red and green dots:) ).


And the story goes like this:

Teddy is asking us how come we came with this idea – a walk in the evening, when it was so cold?, but she accepts our explanation.

 poze 021-horz a


poze 036-horz a


poze 031-horz bw


After a few minutes, I take the pictures out to show them to her…

poze 060-horz a


This is what she sees at one point…

olga 403-horz a


At this moment, she is dazzled…

t&l 078-horz a2


poze 066-horz a


You can see below her expression(s) when she sees this image – it was written on it “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

olga 421-tile a1


She is speechless… she quickly goes from surprise, to amazement, to not believing it’s happening…

poze 069-tile a


She hugs Liviu, all smiles, and gets back to the picture…

 poze 078-tile a2


She asks us if this is a joke… We play a little with her feelings :D, but Liviu finally says it isn’t a joke.

poze 102-horz a


At this moment, Teddy starts to believe it is true…

poze 111-horz a


He hugs her, holding the ring (as you can see), and then he just asks THE QUESTION!

poze 120-horz a


poze 127-horz a1


A happy Teddy shows me the ring…

poze 134-horz a


Just the ring she’s been longing for…

poze 137-horz a1


poze 139-horz a


A few moments alone… to let them get it all in!

poze 156-horz a


poze 172-horz 1a


poze 159-horz bw


And now, telling everybody the good news…

poze 177-horz a

Finally believing she just got engaged:)

poze 183-horz a

I am so happy to have been a part of this… I think this is every girl’s dream (well, maybe not every girl, but I know a few, and I am one of them)… to have pictures of the engagement:) So, there you go, Teddy :)

I wish God will give you two happiness and wisdom to grow together as a family and to know Him and His beauty!



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